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At Beacon Aotearoa we recognise that an individual diagnosed with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) has a brain injury they must manage and live with their whole life.

Our service provides advice and programmes to help these people, their families/whanau and the organisations trying to manage and support these individuals. Our services have been designed to support children and young adults diagnosed with FASD or probable FASD, but are also effective with others who have behavioural problems arising from a neuro-disability.

Our philosophy is all about providing practical and realistic advice and interventions, based on our own hard-won knowledge, professional experience, and international best practice.

Our advice and interventions focus on celebrating success, working on individual's strengths and building self-esteem.

We provide individualised intervention plans, education, advocacy, and advisory services to individuals, organisations and families/whanau or caregivers struggling to understand and effectively support and manage FASD-affected individuals, throughout their lives.

Our education, advice and advocacy services particularly focus on on how FASD manifests itself for an individual in terms of behaviour, adaptive and executive functioning, and learning.

It is different for everyone and everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

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